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Report an exotic Amphibian

Participate in the LIFE CROAA by sharing your observations of exotic amphibians

Using this form, you can tell us which Amphibian species you observed and where you observed it.

Thank you for your participation !

Feedback is essential to prevent the installation of alien species that may be threatening to local wildlife in the natural environment. By sharing your observations, you are making a concrete contribution to the LIFE CROAA early detection system and you are allowing us to improve our knowledge.

Your observations will be analyzed by the LIFE CROAA team to verify the identification of the observed species. We may contact you for further information. Do not hesitate to join one or more photographs, this will facilitate the identification work! Once your report is validated, we will add it to the distribution map of exotic Amphibians, available on the home page. However, it will not appear with the same precision, but will be at the communal level only. No worries, your pool or garden pond will not be targeted on the map!

Thank you for your contribution !