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The LIFE CROAA project in brief

A project for the protection of local populations of protected Amphibians

The LIFE CROAA project (LIFE15 NAT/FR/000864) aims to improve the conservation status of indigenous Amphibians local populations, weakened by the presence of invasive alien species of Amphibians. Its objectives are:

  • To identify and implement an optimal strategy for the control of invasive alien Amphibians. Two species present in France are particularly targeted: the Bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus) and the African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis);
  • To prevent the introduction of new exotic species of Amphibians by raising awareness among the various actors concerned;
  • To ensure the development of an early detection and evaluation system, based on the networking of local actors with the managers expertise of natural areas and scientists;
  • Communicate, inform and train different audiences on the issue of invasive alien species, in order to facilitate the acceptance of control operations, limit the risk of spreading and set up an alert network;
  • To disseminate the generic approach developed during the project.

The action sites

The control operations target the populations of Bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus) and African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis) present in France.
For the Bullfrog, this concerns the departments of Dordogne, Gironde and Loir-et-Cher. For the African clawed frog, this concerns the departments of Maine-et-Loire, Deux-Sèvres and Vienne.

map sites action